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Title: Koigokoro: Theme 1 - Just Another Centimeter to go...
Author: Leelee xiaoxi
Pairing: Sango x Miroku
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Summary: Basically, this is the first installment of my 9 kissing themes involving Sango and Miroku. These themes can be happy, romantic, humorous, angsty, just about anything. These should stay within the PG-13 range, but if they hop out, I'll let you know with a little note. ^^;

Koigokoro can be translated several ways, but my favorite translation is "awakening of love." That particular translation is particularly fitting for this series of short drabbles. I believe that with each kiss, it's a new awakening of love. Even if you've kissed that person several times over again. Of course, I am a hopeless romantic who will never be cured. ;D So without further ado, I give you the first drabble in these series...

Just Another Centimeter to go...

Sango had away about her. She carried herself in a proud way, but she was never conceited or haughty about it. She knew who she was and what she stood for, and never did she let anyone take that from her.

Not even that lewd monk of a man, Miroku.

Though she would never admit it aloud, Sango did really care for Miroku; she did not, however, care for his groping her behind. He may have been a large pervert at times, but Sango found herself looking at him on several occasions. Never, to her knowledge, had she let anyone catch her in the act of doing this, however. She wasn’t some pervert. Oh no. Not Sango.

But the way she looked at him couldn’t really be considered “perverted” for it was never in a lewd or lascivious manner. She’d merely gaze into his lovely face while he was determined to figure out what it was exactly that made Kagome’s latest bentou so delicious. Or she’d watch his ebony hair flutter in the wind as a breeze passed through.

Tonight she found herself in the monk’s sleeping quarters of Kaede’s hut. She had merely crept in to fetch herself and Kagome spare blankets, as it was a particularly chilly night. Miroku’s room, of course, was the room where spare bedding was kept. She had tried to creep in as silently as possible and had succeeded thus far, as the light-sleeper of a monk hadn’t stirred a bit. However, on her way to the corner of the room where the extra blankets were, Sango found herself, once again, admiring Miroku’s elegant, yet slightly hardened, features.

As she crept silently back from the blankets, she found herself at the top of Miroku’s futon, looking down on the upside down monk. She set the two blankets beside her and leaned on her hands so that her face was directly above Miroku’s.

She paused. What in the world was she doing?! Here she was, in a somewhat compromising position, about to do what, exactly?! She held her breath and blinked at the face of the sleeping Miroku. After a moment or so, she very slowly and quietly released her breath and took another deep one. She inched her face closer to his and moved it down a little more, so that their lips matched up. Her face was so close to his that she could feel his breath on her skin.

“Just another centimeter to go, Sango, and then it’ll be over,” she thought to herself rapidly. “Just another centimeter and your precious secret is out… Just another centimeter, Sango. Just one…”

She very softly placed her hands on the sides of his face. Miroku jolted awake, but before he could realize, let alone react to, her actions, Sango had closed the centimeter’s length gap between their faces and kissed him gently.

This is my first Inuyasha drabble / fic ever. I'd like some constructive criticism, if possible. ^^; Please do tell me what you think. I'm so horrid at writing, but I have such a passion for it... ^_^ Thank you, everyone.

(Also posted at FF.Net, 100shards, anime_fanfics, het_romance, inu_reflections, owarinai_yume, sango_miroku, under_1000, and my personal journal xiaoxi.)
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