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A question / semi-rant.

I've always wondered this about the InuYasha fandom but never knew exactly where to ask, so I hope it fits in the category of what we're allowed to post here. Hopefully someone can clear this up for me...

It's about fanfic pairings for the InuYasha fandom. I've read a fair bit of quite a few pairings (canon ones are still my favourite; yes, I know I'm unoriginal!) and this has got to be one pairing I just don't get: Sesshoumaru + Kagome

My question: How? Do they even talk amicably in the anime or manga? Why is this such a popular pairing? I'm not a Sess or Kag lover or hater, but I've gotta admit I don't see the logic of a Sess/Kagome pairing.

SessKagura, okay, I mean, there are parts of the anime/manga that can explain that one. SessRin, yeah, that's pretty understandable as well, but... SessKagome?

What, does Kagome dump one Inu-brother for a better upgrade or something? I mean, so okay, Sess fights better, is faster, looks better (subject to debate!), talks cleaner, etc etc than InuYasha, but surely you don't just transfer affections so easily from one person to another.

Or is it a case of InuYasha going off with Kikyo so Kagome decides that two can play the "dumping-someone-for-a-better-replacement" game? Still seems like flimsy grounds for a romantic relationship to me, even if it IS the world of anime where anything can happen...

Someone please explain!
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