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~*Inu Reflections*~

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A Community about InuYasha. Wallpapers, Icons, FO Banners, Computer Graphics, latest AMV postings, as long as it includes InuYasha.. GO AHEAD AND POST IT! >^.^<

The Rules are fairly simple:

* InuYasha material only please. Other communities are out there such as unplug and animeicons so keep it strictly to InuYasha.

* If more then four icons are posted please place them behind a LJ-cut. FO Banners, or other larger photos are to be placed behind a LJ-cut to reduce scrolling.

* Basic Respect. No Harassing of ANY member in this Community. Criticism is to be kept off of comments unless created asks for Constructive Criticism but remember to respect the creator.

* Requests are more then welcomed. ANYTIME with ANYONE. As long as you say your please and thank you’s.

* CREDIT! If you do not Credit the stuff you find here and we find out bad things will start to happen. Karma is a pain sometimes isn’t it?.. Muahahahaha! *cough*

* NOW some people are not as far as others in the series. PLEASE place a LJ-cut on any art/screen shots that have not aired on US Television. That way people can choose to look at the newer stuff or not. It's just Courteous.