I'm a soldier wounded so I must give up the fight (o0_kitty_kat_0o) wrote in inu_reflections,
I'm a soldier wounded so I must give up the fight

~*I donno but you can ask my brother*~

Okay wow I stuff. A couple icons, FO banners and Colorbars WOAH!.. Just look and see!



Broken Hearted Spirit

Cold on the outside, yet warm on the inside
(just don't tell him that)

FO Banners

This FO Banner made possible by druihd.. Beautiful FanArt ^.^

Unknown who drew this but it was not me.. I only take credit for adding text and croping.

Same as the last one I donno who drew it, it wasn't me. I only fixed it up with pretty text. ^.^

As for the Miroku/Sango Wallpaper I am still working on it. Like I commented, this is my first ever wallpaper and this is not as easy a task as I thought it would be. But I am still working on it so bare with me here. For everyone else you know what to do. Take dont ask, but credit where credit is due. I dont mind if the Miroku/Sango FO Banner is credited to druihd but everything else to me!

Also posted on inuicons, & unplug

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